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Heavy sliding door accessories
Heavy-duty sliding door materials are made of high-quality hardware, and the design of the operating handle is quite user-friendly. Moreover, it is convenient, flexible, beautiful and comfortable to operate. The heavy-duty sliding door pulley consists of two sets of two-wheel parallel pulleys and transmission links, so that the heavy-duty sliding door has a large carrying capacity, the sliding operation is smoother, and the safety is completely in line with the people who want to use it. Achieved the expected effect.
Heavy sliding door structure advantages
The heavy-duty sliding door adopts the upper and lower rail sliding groove design, which not only has strong sealing property, but also has waterproof and soundproofing and safety. It is also very flexible to open, and is suitable for living room and balcony. It is said that the doors and windows are entering the facade of a family, and people's requirements for doors and windows must be extremely high. If you are still entangled in the choice of doors and windows, it is the best choice for saving space and heavy sliding doors