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Aluminum alloy door and window hardware anti-corrosion measures


1, using double layer anti-corrosion At present, the ma […]

1, using double layer anti-corrosion
At present, the materials used in aluminum alloy door and window hardware fittings are carbon steel, such as transmission lockers and lining steel. For carbon steel, the main cause of corrosion is insufficient thickness of the galvanized layer. For carbon steel plating parts, it is required to increase the thickness of the galvanized layer. At the same time, the post-treatment process should be strengthened, and the inorganic salt such as silicate or organic film should be used for covering treatment, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer. After the closure, the original rainbow colored passivation film becomes golden yellow.
Some parts in the hardware parts are painted or painted with steel after stamping. Such products can be tested for up to 1000 hours in a neutral salt spray test, but in practical use these products have poor corrosion resistance, because such products rely mainly on the coverage of organic film to achieve rust-proof performance, once the coating is destroyed The base metal quickly corrodes. In practical use, especially in the installation process, it is inevitable to damage the surface of the cover layer, especially at the edges and corners, and these parts are particularly thin due to the edge effect. It is recommended to use a galvanized layer as a pre-treatment of the spray so that even if the organic cover is broken, there is a galvanized protective layer inside. Practice has proved that the corrosion resistance of the product after this process will be greatly improved.
2. Adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials
The adoption of new technologies, new processes and new materials is the only way to improve the corrosion resistance of door and window hardware accessories. Foreign hardware manufacturers use physical vapor deposition (PVD, also known as vacuum plating) to produce hardware parts with excellent appearance and corrosion resistance. Vacuum plating has strong adhesion, and the coating is not easy to fall off; the diffraction is good, the thickness of the coating is uniform; the coating is dense, the needles are less L-bubbles; the treatment is easy before plating, the process is simple; the materials are used, and the pollution is harmless. A simple substance, alloy or compound can be plated on a metal or non-metal surface. It has been widely used in the industrial sectors of aviation, aerospace, electronics and optics to prepare coatings with special properties. With the continuous improvement, large-scale and continuous vacuum coating equipment, and the development of coating technology, decorative coatings with good bonding strength, high abrasion resistance and high brightness can be obtained. Abroad, such as handles, hinges and other accessories, vacuum plating Au, Ag, Al, Zr, TiN, lCrl8Ni9, etc., to obtain an excellent external surface, so that handles, hinges and other single functional accessories become Use functional and decorative dual performance accessories.

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