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Five important considerations for sliding door design


Glass sliding door, or sliding door, partition door, wa […]

Glass sliding door, or sliding door, partition door, wardrobe door, hanging door, etc., besides providing seals for wardrobes and cloakrooms, it can also provide space separation and increase privacy for living rooms, kitchens, balconies, etc. Role, is widely used in balcony, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe door, partition door and so on. Due to its advantages of easy installation, flexible opening, and space saving, many homes, offices, and entertainment venues are now widely used, becoming essential decoration materials, and our glass is also widely used. There are five main aspects worth paying attention to for sliding doors.
1. There are two kinds of frames: aluminum titanium magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. The profiles of high-quality sliding doors are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, titanium, manganese and other alloys, which has a great advantage in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1 mm. The lower quality profiles are recycled aluminum. , Toughness and useful life are reduced. Although the surface is electrophoretic spraying, the paint will not shine, but the price varies greatly due to the different materials used. Therefore, when we sell real aluminum-titanium alloy profiles, we can display the section of the product profile to understand the real material.
The thickness of the frame profile should generally reach 1.2mm-1.5mm, so that the maximum height of the sliding door can be 2.8 meters, and it will not shake, which is relatively stable. If the wall thickness is less than 1.2, it is the highest if some have 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm It can only be within 2 meters. If it is too high, it will shake, which is easy to cause problems. The thickness determines the price of the profile, and the cost is relatively high, which also determines the firm performance of the sliding door. The surface treatment of the frame profile is divided into three categories: alkali sand, spray painting, and electrophoresis. The electrophoresis technology is the best, and the other two are relatively easy to fade and paint off. The surface treatment of electrophoresis is relatively smooth. The black walnut color frame profile is the easiest to see. The black walnut pattern on the surface of the electrophoresis process is more delicate and the color is uniform. The paint in that place is thicker and the patterns are more blurred.
2. Pulley sliding door is divided into upper and lower two sets of pulleys. There are three types of pulley materials: plastic pulley, metal pulley and fiberglass pulley. It becomes hard and cannot slide after being blocked; the metal pulley is very strong, but generates noise when it comes in contact with the track; glass fiber has good toughness, abrasion resistance, easy plasticity, smooth sliding and durability. The prices of these three types of pulleys vary widely, and we must pay attention to our choice when distributing. The structure of a good upper pulley is relatively complicated. It not only has bearings inside, but also has aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels so that the orientation can slide smoothly and there is almost no noise. Consumers should not mistakenly think that sliding doors should be lighter and lighter as they slide. In fact, high-quality sliding doors should have a certain weight when sliding and be smooth without vibration. A roller is roughly divided into two parts, one part is a bearing and the other part is a bearing outer layer. The quality of the bearing plays a key role in the durability of the sliding door. Good sliding doors use imported light steel ball bearings, and the bearing is marked with the manufacturer and product model. There is a mark on the side of the bearing. The outer steel sleeve should also have A logo for your own company. Although there are bearings that are poor, they do not have the manufacturer's name and other marks. Such bearings have poor abrasion resistance and short service life. The poor rollers are similar to the good ones when they are just installed (most people don't feel it), but after half a year there is a clear difference. Poor rollers have very poor resistance to abrasion, are prone to noise, are stiffer to pull, and tend to jump. Generally, the sliding wheels are hidden. It is better not to see the sliding wheels on both sides of the door. There are several types of bearing outer layers: one is carbon fiberglass composite material, the other is ordinary plastic or rubber with poor abrasion resistance. The anti-aging and abrasion resistance of glass fiber is much better than that of plastic and rubber. The length will not affect the sliding of the sliding door. Good bearings and outer layers can slide the door more than 100,000 times to ensure long-term use. Bad ones don't guarantee how long it will take. Good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliability and safety when the cabinet door is sliding. The pulley guide is the core technical part of the sliding door, so you must choose it carefully. 3, the door panels are now mostly sliding glass and other permeability. I have said in the classification of the front glass, I will not repeat it here, but for Henghao's dealers, I still try to persuade them to use our glass; the wardrobe door mainly has two plates and glass. For the plate, we Customers can be persuaded to use glass from the aspects of rigid pattern and easy deformation. As for the characteristics and effects of glass, please refer to the basic knowledge of salesperson training in the previous section to explain. 4, the quality of the sliding effect is good or bad, there is no certificate, the on-site inspection is very important. A good sliding door is neither too light nor heavy when sliding, but has a certain weight of the door. There is no vibration when sliding, and it is smooth and textured.
5. Sealing In order to ensure that the two doors are staggered and closed, all sliding door products will have a gap. Generally, the external pulley needs a 15 mm gap, which affects the sealing of the sliding door. Although wool tops are added for most products, the gaps between the density of the wool tops and the size of the gaps used by different products are still large. Try to choose products with small spacing and tight tops.

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