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How to choose a floor window pulley?


Nowadays, floor-to-ceiling windows are used more and mo […]

Nowadays, floor-to-ceiling windows are used more and more in home decoration. Many people like the design of floor-to-ceiling windows. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows? How to choose a floor-to-ceiling window?
How to choose a floor to ceiling window?
1. Noise isolation: There is a lot of noise in the city. Therefore, the choice of floor-to-ceiling glass should be double-layered with insulating glass to effectively isolate the noise.
2, cleaning: high-rise buildings to clean floor-to-ceiling windows is a dangerous thing, choose to have a clean glass will reduce a lot of troubles, otherwise the time is long, dust, scale, etc. will affect the clarity or lighting.
3, bearing: the window frame carries the weight of the entire glass of the floor-to-ceiling window, its role is similar to human bones. The selection of alloy materials with high bearing capacity is an important node that must be paid attention to.
4, style: no matter the decoration of any part, it is best to match the overall decoration style of the whole, so that the design will not look awkward, the home match is more perfect.
5. Material selection: There is no obvious damage on the decorative surface of the floor-to-ceiling window. The protective film should not have any scratches and scratches. The colored surface of adjacent components should not have obvious color difference. Alloy, plastic steel and titanium alloy are good choices.
6, brand: the brand's floor-to-ceiling windows are generally more reliable, but the price of high-end brands is also high, you can choose the mid-range brand, the quality is also good, the price is reasonable, and the appearance is more beautiful.
7, after-sales: to know the specific after-sales service, after-sales service is also very important, the general standard of the company, after-sales service is more comprehensive, do not choose cheaply.

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