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How to choose drawer pulley


1, bearing capacity The quality of the slides directly […]

1, bearing capacity
The quality of the slides directly affects the load-bearing capacity of the drawer. You can test the load-bearing capacity of the drawer by doing the following: Pull the drawer completely out, press the outer edge of the front of the drawer with your hand, and observe the forward tilt of the drawer from the side. The smaller the forward tilt, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the drawer.
2, pay attention to the structure and materials of the drawer slide
The most important thing to buy the drawer drawers is the load-bearing. The drawer slides that are connected to the whole are the best, the three-point connection is the second, and the disassembly is simple. For drawer slides, inferior materials have a fatal effect on the quality of the slide rails. When purchasing, you should carefully feel the slide rails of different materials, choose the feel of the hand, the hardness is higher, and the heavy rails are heavier.
3, drawer material
The steel drawers are dark silver in color and have a fine texture, and the steel drawer side panels are thicker than aluminum drawers. The powdered steel drawer is lighter in color than the steel drawer and is light silver grey. It is thinner than steel drawers but thicker than aluminum drawers.
4, field test selection of drawer slides
Good cabinet drawer slide rails have little resistance when pushed and pulled, and when the slide rail is pulled to the end, the drawer will not fall off or fall over. At the scene, you can also pull out the drawer and press it on the drawer with your hand to see the drawer. Whether there is looseness, whether there is a creaking sound. At the same time, the resistance and resilience of the drawer slides during the pull-out process of the drawers appear, and whether they are smooth or not, you also need to push and pull several times at the scene to observe.

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