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How to choose stainless steel door locks


For the choice of door locks, you must choose a well-kn […]

For the choice of door locks, you must choose a well-known brand, because the quality of the product is guaranteed, but among many door lock brands, the most popular material is stainless steel door locks, which has the effect of preventing rust. But some people have questioned, is that a stainless steel door lock? Rust steel door lock generally refers to 304 stainless steel series door lock. Stainless steel door lock has excellent anti-corrosion performance, wear resistance and extremely high hardness. The lock core is made of copper. Copper has excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical properties. The mute effect is good when the door is opened and closed. Stainless steel door lock surface adopts stainless steel wire drawing and polishing technology, which is comfortable and smooth and has good grip. Stainless steel door lock handles are used to install door locks and handles, and are generally used for the installation of anti-theft doors. Stainless steel door lock handle is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, strong mechanical strength, service life of 20 years, safe, durable and cost-effective. Stainless steel door lock accessories are mainly composed of inner handle seat, outer handle seat, lock seat, linkage device, button, door lock tongue, etc. The lock seat is provided with a lock head and a linkage device to match the device's hole in the door, and the inner and outer sides of the door are fitted into the inner and outer handle seats in accordance with the positions of the lock seat. Pick up. A set of starting components is arranged at the rear of the linkage device. The starting components can be divided into an external pressure body, an internal pressure body, and a push plate. The external pressure body is placed in the internal pressure body. Switch on and off the door lock tongue. Buy stainless steel door lock When choosing a stainless steel door lock, pay attention to the direction in which the stainless steel door lock is consistent with the opening of the door; pay attention to the width of the door frame; pay attention to whether the thickness of the door matches the lock, etc.
Second, wear resistance. The material of the stainless steel door lock has a great relationship with the wear resistance. In the selection of materials, we should judge by "see", "掂" and "listen". Watch its color, listen to its weight, listen to its sound. Looking at the light and dark, locks made of pure copper are generally polished and frosted. Compared with copper plating, the color is darker; pure copper locks feel heavier, while stainless steel locks are significantly lighter; copper-plated locks have a dull opening sound The sound of the stainless steel lock is crisp.
Third, feel. The spring determines the feel of the stainless steel door lock. The quality of the spring determines the feel and service life of the spring. The spring is not good, it is easy to sag the handle and shorten the life of the door lock. Fourth, coating. Also look at the stainless steel door lock plating in the purchase to see if it will fade. Generally speaking, the coating of a good door lock will not be easily oxidized and worn.

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