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How to choose the sliding door pulley for the family?


The core of the sliding door - pulley: attention to the […]

The core of the sliding door - pulley: attention to the problem - the bottom wheel load capacity and flexibility
The pulley is the most important hardware component in the sliding door. At present, the pulleys on the market are made of three kinds of plastic pulleys, metal pulleys and fiberglass pulleys. The plastic pulley has a hard texture, but it is easy to be broken. It will become awkward and hard when used for a long time, and the push-pull feeling becomes very poor. The metal pulley has high strength, but it is easy to generate noise when it is in contact with the track; the fiberglass pulley is tough and resistant. Good abrasion, smooth sliding and durable.
Track: Attention Problems - Track Positioning and Damping Devices
High-quality sliding door hardware is mainly reflected in the design and manufacture of the pulley system and the track, and the perfect combination of the two, the track is crucial. The quality of the track depends on the fact that it must have a curvature that can be matched with the pulley. It is necessary to remind that the good track is excellent in the strength design and the smoothness of the contact surface with the pulley, and the thicker the track wall, the better. At present, the track of the sliding door has two types of cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track. Rails are not necessarily good. It should be said that good aluminum rails are superior to rails in some respects, especially in terms of noise immunity.
In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the product has a stop block and an upper and lower rail positioning system, whether there is a glass anti-collision strip, whether the bearing type pulley is smooth and silent when pushing, whether a shock absorption system is placed in the bottom wheel, whether there is a door height adjusting device, etc. .
Door frame and door panel: pay attention to the problem - door frame material and door panel thickness
At present, the frame materials used for sliding doors on the market are carbon steel materials, aluminum-titanium alloy materials, etc., among which aluminum-titanium alloy materials are the most durable and durable; secondly, the thickness of the door panels, the wooden boards for sliding doors, preferably 10 mm or 12 mm thick plates are selected. In this way, it is stable and durable to use; when the thickness is less than 8mm, it will appear thin and light; the door panel with a thickness of 6mm or less is easily deformed, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of normal use.
Sealability: Attention to problems - door spacing not exceeding 5 mm
In order to ensure that the two doors are staggered and closed, all sliding door products will have a spacing. The general external pulleys need a spacing of 15 mm. This spacing affects the sealing of the sliding door. Especially in Beijing, there are many opportunities for dust intrusion.
Although most products have tops, the gap between the tops and gaps of the different products is still relatively large. Try to choose products with small spacing and tight tops. For example, the German aunt sliding door is only 5 mm apart, and the high-density tops basically prevent the intrusion of dust.
Service life: attention to problems - brand credibility
The key factor affecting the service life of the sliding door is the pulley. The design of the big brand's pulleys is about 15 years, and the pulleys of some counterfeit products may break down in 2-3 months, which seriously affects the use of sliding doors.

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