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How to choose titanium-magnesium alloy sliding door pulley?


Sliding doors have been slowly integrated into the use […]

Sliding doors have been slowly integrated into the use of modern homes, but in the face of many brands on the market, how do you choose? How to buy?
How to choose titanium-magnesium alloy sliding door?
First, the choice of frame profiles
The thickness of the frame profile is generally 1.2mm-1.5mm, so that the sliding door can be up to 2.8m, and it will not be shaken. It is relatively stable. If the wall thickness is less than 1.2mm, the maximum can only be within 2m. It is very easy to have problems.
Second, the choice of pulley
The pulleys are usually mounted on the bottom of the sliding door. A pulley is roughly divided into two parts, one for the bearing and the other for the outer cladding of the bearing. The quality of the bearing plays a key role in the durability of the sliding door. The good sliding door adopts the imported light steel ball bearing, and the bearing is marked with the manufacturer and the product model. The bearing is marked on the side, and the outer steel sleeve should also have its own. A sign of the company. The poor roller has a similar effect when pulled up, but it will be noticeable when the time is long.
There is also a pulley that does not use bearings in the center. It only uses lubricating oil to achieve sliding effect by mechanical friction. This is not only easy to contaminate dust, but once the grease is dry, it will become blocked and cannot slide.
Third, the choice of brand
Good products have a close relationship with good brands. Don't trust the so-called recommended products easily. You must look at the authority of the issuing authority. You must ask the business for a test report. The report should bear the CMA national certification mark. Big brands will have these things to offer.
Titanium-magnesium alloy is a better sliding door material. Please pay attention when discerning. The good sliding door pulls up smoothly, there is no noise, there will be noise, and there is a kind of jumping feeling. Everyone will try to know.

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