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Installation guide for stainless steel sliding door pulley (1)


Aluminum alloy doors and windows are used by more and m […]

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are used by more and more families. Sliding doors are convenient for our lives. But do you know how to install the pulleys for sliding aluminum doors and windows? Today I will share with you the installation guide of aluminum alloy door and window pulleys. Friends in need can come to know about it.
1. Construction preparation (1) Materials (2) Material types and specifications: 80 series of aluminum alloy profiles (3) Glass types and thickness: double-layer insulating glass 4 + 6 + 4 (4) Main equipment: aluminum alloy cutting machine, hand Electric drill, round knife, half round knife, Phillips screwdriver, scriber, iron feet, compass, steel ruler, steel ruler, steel ruler, drill, hammer, shovel, trowel, bucket, water brush, electric welding machine, welding Put wires, masks, electrodes, etc.
2.Aluminum alloy doors and windows installation process flow find the gauge distance → do anti-corrosion treatment → window frame in place → correct the temporary fixation → frame and wall connection → plug the gap around the window → install window fixing glass → install window sash → install hardware accessories → hit Glue and wipe. 3. Installation and construction operations of aluminum alloy windows 3.1 Finding rules for elastic lines (1) Leading straight line: After finding the window position on the top floor of the building, the window line shall prevail, and the line will be drawn down with theodolite, and will be on each floor. Make a mark at the window. The edges of individual windows that are not straight should be trimmed. (2) Spring horizontal line: The horizontal position of the window should be backed up with the horizontal line of + 50cm. Measure the height of the skin under the window and straighten the spring line. The elevation of the skin under each window and the same room shall be the same.
4. Determine the entrance and exit position: Determine the entrance and exit benefits of the thickness direction of the aluminum alloy window according to the large-scale drawing of the external wall and the width of the window sill. If there is a deviation in the thickness of the external wall, in principle, the exposed width of the window slab in the same room shall prevail.
5. Anticorrosive treatment: The outer periphery of the aluminum alloy window frame should be anticorrosive treated in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings.
6. Window frame in place: After the aluminum alloy window frame is placed on the wall, it is roughly placed on the installation position line inside the opening.
7. Alignment and temporary fixation: After the frame is set, the verticality, horizontality, diagonal and depth position should be adjusted and corrected. After meeting the requirements, temporarily fix the wooden wedge.
8. Frame-to-wall connection: The aluminum alloy window frame is connected to the wall. Expansion bolts are used to connect the wall with the pre-installed connectors on the window frame (make lightning protection according to the design requirements). For detailed installation methods, see the bidding plan. Node graph.

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