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Installation guide for stainless steel sliding door pulley (2)


9, the gap around the plug: After the aluminum alloy wi […]

9, the gap around the plug:
After the aluminum alloy window frame is installed and fixed, its verticality, horizontality, diagonal line and depth position should be checked for displacement during the fixation. If it does not meet the requirements, rectify it immediately and make sure that it is correct before performing peripheral plugging. Handle the gap between the aluminum alloy window frame and the wall according to the design requirements. During the filling process, it is necessary to prevent the aluminum alloy window frame from colliding to avoid deformation.
10. Install window fixing glass:
Before installing the glass, remove the protective film from the window, clean it, and then place the glass in place. The single glass is small in size and can be operated with both hands; when the single glass is large, it can be installed with a glass suction cup. Before installing the glass, a 3mm thick elastic pad should be placed around the glass to cushion the impact of opening and closing forces. The spacer should be set at 1/4 of the glass edge length. Glass should not be in direct contact with aluminum alloy profiles and screws to prevent shattering. Then press the bead, and then fill the sealing strip and glue according to the design requirements. The sealing rubber strip (gluing) should be flat, smooth, without looseness and compactness, so as to avoid water seepage.
11. Install the sash.
Installation conditions: The installation of aluminum alloy sashes should be carried out when the civil engineering construction is basically completed to keep the aluminum alloy windows intact.
Installing sliding window sashes: Before installing sliding window sashes, first remove the protective tape and check whether the sealing wool tops on the fan are installed or fall off. If it comes off, it can be bonded with glass glue. Insert the top of the sash into the upper chute of the window frame, and clamp the pulley on the track of the chute. After installation, debug it to ensure that the sliding is flexible and dense.
12, install hardware accessories:
After the interior decoration is finished, you can install the hardware accessories (handle, lock, etc.). The hardware should be complete and matched, securely installed, flexible to use, correctly positioned, and beautiful.
13. Glue: On the perimeter of the window frame on both the inner and outer sides of the wall, and at the joints between the frame, first cut off the remaining protective paper around the outer frame, and then clean the surface of the object in contact with the glue, then The glue gun presses the juice sealant along the gap, and makes the glue surface flat, uniform, smooth, and free of pores. After the glue is applied, it must be protected from vibration within 24 hours to ensure a tight seal.
14. Clean up:
Wipe the dirt, such as grout, glue, stains, etc. on the frame, fan, glass, and windowsill with a cloth.

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