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Roller shutter type


1. electric shutter door The door body is made of high- […]

1. electric shutter door

The door body is made of high-strength galvanized steel, which is sturdy and durable. The door panel is integrally formed with a 20 cm or 80 cm main unit. The appearance is treated with a multilayer anti-corrosion chemical coating that is unique to the paint. It is not easy to get rid of ash or oil.

2. European shutter doors

The European-style rolling shutter door is a European-style shutter door and window. The European-style rolling shutter doors and windows developed with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment have won the praise of the majority of customers.

3. fast shutter doors

The quick shutter door is a kind of fast, safe and reliable shutter door specially designed for fast material flow to shorten the entry and exit time and speed.

4. steel fire shutter doors

5. crystal shutter door