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Small secret of sliding door pulley


Sliding door pulley is one of the important hardware fo […]

Sliding door pulley is one of the important hardware for sliding doors. We will not pay much attention to this small part whether it is selected or installed, but the life of the sliding door is determined by the pulley. Let's take a look today. Take care of the tips of the pulleys!
The sliding door belongs to the mechanical friction mechanism. Such a mechanism needs good lubrication. Otherwise, the resistance will become larger and larger, the noise will be greatly increased, and the service life will be directly affected. The slide may also cause irreparable damage. Damage is scratched, so lubrication is especially important and can effectively reduce drag.
Foreign sliding door manufacturers are free to lubricate the user's sliding door pulleys at regular intervals. Domestically, this is not doing well in this respect. We need to do our own lubrication, otherwise it will not be a few years. Your sliding door is awkward.
There are many techniques for the maintenance of sliding doors. For example, there are many problems to be paid attention to during daily use. Do not use the swinging sliding door too hard to avoid excessive load; do not hit the gravity or hit the sliding door with a sharp weapon. It is easy to cause obstacles to use. Once there is a problem with the sliding door, find a professional maintenance technician to carry out the repair, do not arbitrarily transform.
More attention should be paid to the lubrication problem. It is necessary to use professional grease. Generally, it will use the tiger head or Krupp sliding door pulley grease. It has no color, good performance and long service life. It can reach food and standards. It can be used at home. There is a lot of small tube packaging in each set, which can be taken out when eating. After the application, the sliding door is completed several times, which is very convenient to use. The maintenance period is generally about half a year. Generally, ordinary oil or butter should not be used on the sliding door rails and slides. The lubricating oil will be lost quickly and not clean, and the subsequent repair work is more complicated. Ordinary butter can produce harmful odors that are harmful to the human body and endanger our health. It is not recommended.
The pulley is the soul of the entire sliding door. It can be said that the body of the pulley is small but important. The pulleys of the sliding door are divided into upper and lower wheels, and the upper and lower wheels of the brand pulley are slid by needle bearings, so that it is not necessary to add lubricating oil, as long as the debris is cleaned regularly. It is preferable that the general pulley is to add lubricating oil to the sliding portion every six months to ensure smooth sliding of the sliding door. Sliding door pulleys are very important accessories in sliding doors. When purchasing, be sure to know what their materials are. The current pulley materials are divided into three types: plastic pulleys, which are harder but more fragile. After using for a period of time, The sliding door will not be smooth; the metal pulley is of good quality, but the noise is very high; the glass pulley is the best of the three pulleys, with excellent toughness and wear resistance, push and pull is very convenient, and the service life long.

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