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What is the difference between the roller slide and the steel ball slide?


Slide rail drawers are an integral part of modern kitch […]

Slide rail drawers are an integral part of modern kitchens, and in the design of the entire drawer, small slide rails can have a significant impact on the quality of the entire drawer.
Depending on the location of the rails, we divide the rails into two categories, which are mounted on the bottom of the drawer and mounted on the side of the drawer. The rails mounted on the bottom of the drawer can hide the rails well, also known as invisible rails. Most of the slide rails installed at the bottom of the drawer have a rebound function (commonly known as a damper rail or a buffer rail, a silent rail), which can withstand the weight of the drawer, and is mounted at the bottom with respect to the rail mounted on the side. The slide rails are more ideal.
According to the material of the slide rail, the commonly used drawer slide rails have roller slide rails, steel ball slide rails and wear-resistant nylon hidden slide rails.
The bottom slide rail, also known as the buffer slide rail, the damper slide rail and the silent slide rail, has the advantages of smooth running, self-locking and closing silent, which brings mute enjoyment! It is now the most respected wear-resistant nylon slide rail, and the nylon slide rails ensure that the cabinet drawers are smooth and quiet when pulled out, and the rebound is soft. Most of the high-end furniture in developed countries in Europe and America now use this kind of slide rail, which is the hidden damping rail we often talk about. But the price is slightly higher than the average rail. Side-mounted rails are also called steel ball slides and ball slides. According to the width of the slide rail, it can be divided into slide rails of widths of 17, 27, 35, 45 mm. The steel ball slide is basically a three-section metal slide rail. The more common one is the structure mounted on the side of the drawer, which is simple to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide can ensure smooth sliding and high bearing capacity. The price is medium. This is the slide rail that is commonly used in mid-range furniture at this stage. The roller slide rail is also called the powder spray rail. The roller slide rail structure is relatively simple. It consists of one pulley and two rails. It can cope with the daily push-pull needs, but the bearing capacity is poor and does not have the rebound function. Cheap, economical.
In general, you should choose the slides you want according to your own situation. To enjoy, of course, the hidden damper slides. Generally, the steel ball slides are used, and the economical slide rails are used.

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