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Sliding Metal Gate Roller With Interior Bracket
Sliding Metal Gate Roller With Interior Bracket

Sliding Metal Gate Roller With Interior Bracket


Sliding Metal Gate Roller With Interior Bracket Details

Sliding  Gate Roller with Interior Bracket (Single Bearing, V groove)


NO. D mm A C H WEICHT(g)
HD1V50X17 50 17 27 6.5 289
HD1V50 50 15 25 8.5 246
HD1V60 58 17 26 10 358
HD1V70 68 20 32 7 626
HD1V80 78 20 32 12 799
HD1V90 88 20 34 8 1022
HD1V100 98 22 34 13 1309
HD1V120 118 25 36 12 2200
HD1V140 138 25 36 18 3113

Sliding Gate Wheel with Interior Bracket (Double Bearings, V groove)


NO. D mm A C H WEIGHT(g)
HD2V80 78 25 33 12 890
HD2V90 88 25 33 8 1298
HD2V100 98 25 33 13 1495
HD2V120 118 30 42 16 2617
HD2V140 138 30 42 26 3467
HD2V160 158 30 42 13 4707
HD2V200 198 30 44 33 6577

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