The structure of the hinge


First, the hinge can be divided into three main structu […]

First, the hinge can be divided into three main structure: hinge head (iron head), the body, the base.

1. ontology: mainly related to the number of doors;

2. Base: the main function of the door will be fixed in the cabinet;

3. Iron head: iron main function for the fixed door with the use.

Second, the hinge Other accessories are: connecting pieces .
1. Spring: is responsible for the door when the closing force of the tensile strength (2.3kg-2.8kg);

2. Adjust the screw: as the function of adjusting the door, with the hinge and the base with the auxiliary use;

3. Base screws: hinges combined with the base;

4. Connection piece: the key to carry the weight of the door;

5. Shrapnel: is to help enhance the connection piece load and with the spring with the switch door effect;

6. v is a combination of iron, connecting pieces, shrapnel, the use of the body.