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Jinnaike has been specializing in production of hardware for many years, seeking for greater perfection in aspects of quality and technology. Our company has accumulated strong professional advantage through 24 years of specialized manufacturing experience. In terms of core technologies, we strive to have them when others don't and have better ones when others have them. For this purpose, modern construction of enterprise technology center is being continuously advanced. We own professional design team to develop hardware products. A number of advanced production equipment are introduced to have effectively improved technical support and production capacity of products.
To build core competence of “technological innovation”, Jinnaike invests heavily in technological development and equipment introduction, and attracts some highly-experienced engineers and designers. We have incontrovertibly become a leader of hardware manufacturing industry depending on mature technology, professional advantage, strong production capacity, super-strong design capability, internationally compatible R&D capability and practical marketing strategy.
We produce a wide range of hardware products including sliding gate wheels, sliding gate tracks, cantilever gate wheels, cantilever gate tracks, guide wheels, end stops,end caps, hanging door rollers, hanging door roller rails, sliding and folding door carriages, nylon rollers, nylon roller brackets, gate stoppers, gate hinges, gate latches, gear racks, post caps, gate handles, roller shutter door spring boxes and welded connection straps etc.