Aluminum alloy door and window pulley installation knowledge


Before installation, the hole must be reserved. It is s […]

Before installation, the hole must be reserved. It is strictly forbidden to install the wall while installing or installing the wall.
1) Release line
The door and window position lines are popped up at the door and window openings. Note that the windows of the same facade are neatly aligned in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the elevation of the indoor floor should also be noted. The surface of the floor spring should be consistent with the indoor ground level.
2) An box
When installing the door and window frame, the side of the vertical line should be squared. After the length of the two diagonal lines is equal, the frame is temporarily fixed after the surface is vertical. After the vertical, left and right, and up and down positions of the vertical surface are in compliance with the requirements, the plate is plated. The zinc anchor plate is embedded in the structure. The fixing of the door and window frame may be by welding, expansion bolt connection or nailing, but the brick wall is strictly prohibited by nail fixing.
3) caulking, plastering
Before the joint filling, after the quality review of the flatness, verticality, etc., the parts around the frame are cleaned, and the base layer is sprinkled with water. For the wider window frame, only a part of the ash is squeezed in and out of the inside and outside, and it is not enough to fill it. Special caulking should be carried out. No matter what kind of material is used for caulking, it should be dense and waterproof. After the mortar used around the door and window frame reaches a certain strength (usually 24 hours), the wooden wedge next to the frame can be gently removed to continue the ash, and then the surface layer can be wiped and smoothed.
4) Door and window fan installation:
1 should be carried out after the indoor and outdoor decoration is basically completed.
2 For the sliding door, divide the equipped door and window fan into the inner fan and the outer fan. First insert the outer fan into the outer groove of the upper slide, and naturally fall into the outer slide of the glide path, and then install it in the same way. Inner fan.
3 For the adjustable guide wheel, the guide wheel should be adjusted after the door sash is installed to adjust the height of the door sash on the slide and make the door sash parallel to the frame.
4 swing door and window sash installation. The hinge should be fixed on the aluminum alloy door and window frame according to the required position, and then the door and window sash should be temporarily fixed in the frame. After the adjustment is appropriate, the door and window sash should be fixed on the hinge. The upper and lower rotating parts must be ensured. On the same axis.
5 floor spring door sash installation. The ground spring door main body is first buried on the ground and concrete is poured to fix it. The main shaft should be on the same vertical line as the top shaft on the middle rail. The surface of the main machine is flush with the ground. After the concrete reaches the design strength, adjust the top door of the upper door to install the door leaf, and finally adjust the gap between the door and the door opening speed.
5) Mounting hardware accessories
The general principle of aluminum alloy door and window hardware assembly is: to have sufficient strength, correct position, to meet various functions and easy to replace, the installation position of the hardware must be strictly in accordance with the standard.