Aluminum hinge introduction


Aluminum hinge is a hinge, a low density, but the inten […]

Aluminum hinge is a hinge, a low density, but the intensity is relatively high, close to or exceed the quality of steel, good plasticity, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, the industry widely Use, use is second only to steel. Aluminum hinge, the oxidation paint treatment, non-corrosive, rusty, is a more durable hinge.

Aluminum hinge how

1, the use of die-casting itself, the need to meet the performance requirements

(1) Mechanical properties, tensile strength, is the maximum resistance to fracture of the material; Elongation, brittleness and plasticity of the material is measured; hardness, is the material surface of the hard pressed or friction caused by plastic deformation resistance .

(2) working environment status: working temperature, humidity, workpiece contact with the media and air tightness requirements.

(3) Accuracy requirements: the accuracy and dimensional stability that can be achieved.

2, zinc alloy hinge process performance

(1) casting process;

(2) machining process;

(3) surface treatment technology.

3, good economy

The cost of raw materials and zinc alloy hinge production equipment requirements, including melting equipment, die-casting machines, molds, and production costs.

Zinc Alloy Die Casting should not be used in high and low temperature (0 ℃ below) working environment. Zinc alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature. However, both tensile strength and impact strength at low temperatures are significantly reduced at high temperatures.