Door and Window Hardware


1 .Transmission mechanism with handle Drive transmissio […]

1 .Transmission mechanism with handle
Drive transmission lockers, multi-point locks, and control devices for opening and closing doors and windows.
2 .spinning handle
By turning the handle, a window opening and closing device and a locking function are realized.
3 .hinges (hinge)
The door (window) frame and the door (window) fan are connected to support the opening and closing of the door.
4 .sliding support
A multi-rod device for connecting a window frame and a sash, supporting a sash, and opening and closing.
5 .transmission locker
A rod-shaped transmission with a locking point that controls the closing and opening of the door leaf.
6 .Support
A device that can hold an open sash in a preset position.
7 .latches
A device for positioning and locking the door and window sash.
8 .Multi-point locker
A device for realizing multi-point locking of sliding doors and windows.
9 .pulleys
Understand the weight of the door and window fan, and transfer the gravity to the frame material; and under the action of external force, the device for reciprocating the door and window fan along the track of the frame material through its own rolling.
10 .Single Point Locker
Through the operation, a single position lock device for sliding door and window is realized.
11. locking parts
They are mounted on the frame and the fan, respectively, and when the interaction occurs, they can prevent the fan from moving in the opening direction.