Electrical Installation


The electric button is activated and operated flexibly, […]

The electric button is activated and operated flexibly, and the actions of centralized control and linkage control are flexible and accurate.

The automatically controlled safety device shall be installed in the exposed area of 2m near the roller blind and the part that can be monitored at any time. Control buttons are provided outside the door of the fire shutter door.

The automatically controlled power supply, backup power supply or battery should be able to maintain normal working condition. The electrical circuit used should not be exposed. It should be buried in the wall or have a threading pipe.

Installation requirements for steel fire shutters and walls:
The steel fire shutters are installed on the wall of the building and should be welded or pre-embedded. The original building can be assembled with expansion bolts on the concrete wall or concrete column, and the installation strength should be ensured to meet the design requirements.