Glass door clamp size selection and installation method


A glass door clip is a type of hardware that is attache […]

A glass door clip is a type of hardware that is attached to the edge of a glass door and used to mount other components. The variety of glass door clips that are currently on the market are varied, such as clips, clips, and top clips.

The materials are also different, but generally they are mainly metal. So how to choose the size of the glass door folder? In fact, the choice of glass door folder size, according to different model specifications, the selected size is

different, and in accordance with different installation requirements, glass door clamp size is also very large Difference.

Combination of fixed glass and movable glass door leaf glass door, unified positioning of the line, according to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, release the positioning line of the glass door, while determining the position of the door frame.

The width of the limiting slot should be two to four millimeters greater than the thickness of the glass, and the slot depth should be ten to twenty millimeters. At the beginning of installation, the edges of the two metal decorative

panels are drawn from the midline of the bullets, and then the limiting slots at the top of the door frame are installed along the edges, and the groove depth in the notches is adjusted through the glue pads.

The square wood is fixed on the ground and the metal veneer is glued to the wood with the adhesive. If the aluminum alloy square tube is used, it can be fixed on the frame column with an aluminum angle, or be fixed on the wooden brick embedded in the ground with a wood screw.

The center line of the bullets is used to erect the door frame and then the plywood is used to determine the shape and position of the frame column, and finally the metal decorative surface is covered. When decorating the bag, place the facing seams on the head in the middle door position on both sides of the installation glass.

The glass sucker is used to suck the thick glass and lift the thick glass plate to the installation position. First insert the upper part of the glass into the limit slot at the top of the door frame, and then put the lower part of the glass on the bottom support.

Two small wooden sticks on the inside and outside of the bottom bracket are used to sandwich the thick glass in the middle door. The square sticks are coated with adhesive and the veneer metal is glued to the square sticks.

In the gaps at the top of the top and bottom brackets, and at the seams between the thick glass and the frame column, the glass seal is injected and the excess glass glue is scraped off with a tool.