Glass door hinge and hinge difference


Glass door hinge in the opening process of the window a […]

Glass door hinge in the opening process of the window and the hinge fully functional, so often people often hinge also called the hinge (English are for the hinge), but the hinge sash only occurs, while the use of hinged sash Both rotating and moving at the same time. In many cases hinges and hinges can replace each other, but in some special cases, hinges must be used. For example, it is generally difficult to use glass door hinges for window pouring, and hinges for large hinged windows (such as large windows for doors) To meet the stress requirements, then need to use multiple hinges to work together.
Glass door hinge is mainly installed in doors and windows. Hinges are more installed in cabinets; Classified by material classification is mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges, in order to allow people to enjoy better enjoyment of the hydraulic hinge, characterized by a certain degree of cushioning, largely reduce the noise.
A glass door hinge is used on the window because it can not provide hinge-like friction itself, so it is often used with a separate strut to prevent the wind from blowing back and damaging the window when the window is open. The hinges are different, he can provide a certain amount of friction, so can be used alone, and used in the casement window on the hinge on the top of the window there is a slight difference in the hinge, the length of the outer arm connected to the window frame is not the same.