Heavy sliding door itself


1. Heavy-duty sliding doors are not only flexible but a […]

1. Heavy-duty sliding doors are not only flexible but also durable. Each production process of heavy-duty sliding doors undergoes rigorous testing and then rigorous testing. The average number of tests can reach more than 100,000 times.

2. Heavy-duty sliding doors are environmentally friendly doors and windows, which have superior thermal insulation performance and remarkable energy saving effect.

3. All materials of heavy sliding doors are recyclable materials, which are green building materials and environmentally friendly products. The products are in line with the strategy of sustainable development.

4. The frame of the heavy sliding door is relatively strong, and it is sturdy and durable. It has strong resistance to wind pressure deformation and is suitable for high-rise buildings and residential buildings.

5. The material of the heavy-duty sliding door is made of high-quality hardware accessories. The design of the operating handle is user-friendly, convenient and flexible, beautiful and comfortable, and durable. The heavy-duty sliding door pulley consists of two sets of two-wheel parallel pulleys and transmission links, so the heavy-duty sliding door has a large carrying capacity and is smooth and safe to slide.

6. The heavy-duty sliding door adopts the upper and lower rail sliding groove design, which not only has strong sealing performance, but also has waterproof and soundproofing and safety. It is also very flexible to open. It is suitable for the living room and balcony.