Hinge hinge selection


Targeted selection based on function When consumers cho […]

Targeted selection based on function
When consumers choose to buy hinges, they should estimate the weight and purpose of doors and windows and other components in advance, and then purchase corresponding products in a targeted manner. For example, ordinary hinges should be purchased for light-weight indoor doors and windows, bearing hinges should be used for heavier doors and windows, and T-shaped hinges should be used for wider doors; For furniture door panels, spring hinges are often used, because the spring hinges are equipped with adjusting screws, which can adjust the height and thickness of the door panels up and down, left and right, so that various cabinet doors have corresponding extensions. In addition, there are a wide variety of products to choose from, such as glass hinges, countertops, and flap hinges.
When purchasing, three points are very important
1. The main materials of the hinge hinge are actinium, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Among them, the use range of plastic table pages is very narrow, so the metal texture is the most common for household use. In the market, the phenomenon of work-reduction of hinge products is widespread. The most obvious thing is the thickness. The nominal 3mm is actually only 2.5mm, and some 2.5mm are often less than 1.5mm. The strength of such a product is definitely not guaranteed. If it is used, it will bring huge safety hazards to the owner (such as falling windows, falling doors, falling security doors, etc.). Therefore, the weight of similar products of different brands should be weighed when purchasing, and products with heavy quality are better.
2. Seeing that the workmanship solves the problem of product safety, the next step is the comfort of use of the desk page product. When buying this, observe the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, a well-made product has a beautiful appearance and a small gap, which will be more reliable in use. Take door leaf bearing hinges, for example, hinge bearings with excellent workmanship can bring better smoothness, quietness and durability. However, products with poor workmanship do not have ball bearings and only use cheap small iron rings. Such products have a short lifespan.
3. When you look at the material, you should choose according to the environment and material characteristics when you purchase the table. Steel hinges are easy to rust and should not be used in humid environments. Copper hinges have corrosion resistance and antibacterial functions, and are suitable for use in bathroom. Aluminum hinges are generally low in strength, so they are generally thick. The stainless steel material is highly decorative and functional, and it is a popular product for many families. However, many manufacturers often use ordinary steel hinges to impersonate stainless steel hinges (surface coating), and consumers should pay attention to identification.