Hinge installation precautions


To hinge sturdy hinge, in addition to the product itsel […]

To hinge sturdy hinge, in addition to the product itself better texture, reasonable installation is also very necessary to take a look at the hinge hinge installation process Matters needing attention:
1, pay attention to the installation location and quantity
In theory, the larger the distance between the two hinge, the stronger the bearing capacity, of course, this should also consider the actual situation, the home door heavier you can use three hinge, the general door with two hinges on it.
At the same time, it should be noted that the hinges can not be installed at the corner joints of the door and window fan body, so as to be installed at the best of 1/10 of the door and window fan body, and avoid the distribution of three equal points, Set, to avoid the situation of the door slanting outward.
2, to prevent falling fan
Falling fan refers to the poor installation of doors and windows leading to the gradual increase in the gap above and gradually become smaller below the gap, resulting in poor switch, will fall off in severe cases.
The general cause of this situation may be due to the choice of a small size of the hinge, or do not use the matching screws.
3, to grasp the gap distance
The gap between the hinge and the door must take a good grasp, otherwise the appearance will be very ugly, the door gap is normal 3-5MM, to stay out of the expansion joints.
4, to ensure that accessories match
Hinge groove and hinge height, width, thickness is matched. Hinge and its connected screws, fasteners are matching. Hinges should be connected with the frame, the fan material to match, such as the hinge used in the steel box door, the side connected with the steel frame for the welding, wooden doors connected with the side of the wood screws.
5, the shaft should be the same plumb line
Installation, should ensure that the same hinge on the hinge in the same vertical line, so doors and windows do not bounce.
Editor's Summary: hinge hinge installation process is not complicated, but the details of the so-called decision success or failure, looking humble little hinge, in fact, there are many pay attention to learning, purchase and installation will affect the comfort of home, so decoration users Special attention must also be paid to the texture of the product itself and its proper installation.