How to change the sliding door wheel How to choose the sliding door


How to change the sliding door wheels? How do the slidi […]

How to change the sliding door wheels?
How do the sliding door wheels change? First, one hand lifts the end of the sliding door perpendicular to the floor, and the other hand passes over the lower part of the sliding door pulley to lift the pulley. Lift one end of the sliding door from the rail and lower it. In the same way, lift the pulley at the other end of the sliding door and pull the door out of the track. Then hold both ends of the sliding door with both hands and lift it up. Move the bottom out so that there are fewer and fewer departments in the trough. Successfully pulled out the sliding door and replaced the sliding door wheel. Be careful not to hurt your hand when lifting, do not let the sliding door hit the wall when the sliding door is removed.

How to choose the sliding door?

a, style and color selection
The style and color of the sliding door should be selected according to each person's own preferences and home decoration style. Only in this way can they be coordinated and integrated.

b, see the profile thickness
The thickness of general profiles is divided into national standard and non-national standard. Need to use u caliper measurement. The same series of non-standard than the national standard thin. The majority of the general household door is 1.4. In fact, the national standard of 1.2 can meet the requirement of 2.3*2.3 to make two.

c. Look at the pulley
The pulley is one of the most critical and easily overlooked details. A good sliding door is the upper and lower two sets of pulleys, the upper wheel can adjust the role of guiding; and the next wheel is the main, and it is best to push up without a sense of jump. The hanging rail has basically exited the market, so it is best not to consider it.

d. Look at the cross section
The prices of sliding doors in the same series on the market are mixed. However, please keep in mind that "one price, one price" will not be an idiot in doing business, and will never be able to pay for it. Therefore, when consumers choose to pull the door, do not try to be cheap. Today's profiles are divided into native and renewable. The original cross-section gloss is very bright and the regenerated gloss is black. The regenerated profiles are much less integrated and structural than the original ones.

e, select glass
For the safety of the family, the sliding door glass must be made of tempered material. Generally used 5mm tempered texture, and glass with "3c" sign is appropriate.