How to choose a home sliding door pulley?


One of the sliding door purchases: border Regarding the […]

One of the sliding door purchases: border
Regarding the choice of the frame, mainly depends on its material and hardness. Nowadays, the sliding door is more popular on the market. The main frame material used is carbon steel and aluminum-titanium. The carbon steel material is relatively thin, and it is easy to deform and deform when lightly pinched; the aluminum alloy material frame is divided into high quality aluminum and recycled aluminum. In order to reduce the production cost, some manufacturers use low-cost and low-quality recycled aluminum, which is different from the high-quality high-quality aluminum-titanium alloy in terms of quality.
Sliding door purchase 2: aluminum surface treatment
Nowadays, the most popular aluminum surface treatment methods can be roughly divided into three types. One is to stick PVC paper color paper. This color paper is attached, which can make the color of aluminum material rich and beautiful, but it also has a fatal flaw. That is, the sticker is easy to scratch, arch, and appear bubbles; the second is to carry out ordinary painting and spraying process, which requires about four or five processes. The surface of the aluminum surface is rough and touched by hand. The third is the aluminum surface of the standard electrophoretic oxidation wire drawing process. This treatment method always requires more than ten production steps. The aluminum surface is very delicate and smooth, the color is even and full, and it is not easy to fade. In comparison, the three different methods of aluminum surface treatment, the price is also higher than one.
Sliding door purchase three: pulley
The pulley is the most important piece of hardware in the production of sliding doors. It can be said that the wear resistance of the pulley and the quality of the single body directly determine the service life of the sliding door. The poor quality pulleys are mostly made of plastic material, which are easy to wear and easy to derail. Another disadvantage is that it is easy to get dust and is prone to blockage. The better quality pulleys use exquisite ball bearings and are wrapped with improved PPS material, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, easy to push and pull.
Sliding door purchase four: glass craft
Generally speaking, the balcony sliding door is mainly made of glass facade. Some of the glass facades are original pattern glass, and some are art-like patterns processed later. Regardless of the way the pattern is made, attention should be paid to the delicateness of the glass. . The clarity of the pattern and the uniformity of the color.