How to install sliding door track?


   The main thing to install the sliding door is to ins […]

   The main thing to install the sliding door is to install the track, the track is installed almost finished.
1, sliding door on the upper track box size to ensure that the high 12 cm, 9 cm wide. Like a curtain box, the rail box can be mounted on the track. When the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, people feel very depressed. Therefore, when doing sliding doors, the height of at least 195 +12 = 207 cm or more.
2, the normal door of the gold size of 80 cm × 200 cm or so, in this structure, the door is relatively stable, but also very beautiful. So the sliding door width and height ratio and gold size and similar.
3, caution from landing to the top of the sliding door (Ming hanging track box). As the sliding range when the swing is too large, a long time sliding doors easy to deformation, deformation of the back door can not open, which means that can not be repaired and can not be used.
4, and finally install the sliding door track: the track fixed, with a gravity cone (hanging hammer) on the track at both ends and the middle point of hanging 3 points on the ground with a pen to draw 3.3 points, the track installed, and then Facing the center of the track put a hammer to the ground, the track should be placed at both ends of the vertical line, the next track in the three points on the fixed so that the track can be fully parallel, sliding door sliding in the best State .