How to know whether the screws of the hinge are easy to use and will not slip the teeth


The importance of hinges to furniture and kitchen cabin […]

The importance of hinges to furniture and kitchen cabinets is self-evident. If the screws of the hinges are not good, there will be great troubles. In daily life, everyone often encounters the sliding of the hinge screws, the tail screws If the teeth are sliding, the cabinet door will be separated from the cabinet body. If the adjusting screw is not easy to use, there will be seams that cannot be adjusted, and the use effect will be greatly reduced, which will eventually affect the user's evaluation of the furniture and kitchen cabinets. : The quality is too bad. Get this kind of evaluation, then your board material and how exquisite workmanship are all empty words, so the importance of hinge screws must be paid attention to.
So how can we know whether the hinge screw is easy to use, usually we will use the following 5 methods to test:
1. Take a screwdriver, turn the screw repeatedly, use a bit stronger than normal, and test more points. Of course, this is one method.
2. In addition, I want to talk about a hardware structural problem: Is the screw bite enough? Many hinge screws on the market have only two and a half turns. This is a fatal structural error and the occurrence rate of slippery teeth. It is very large, and everyone must be careful not to buy this kind of product.
3. Check whether the thread of the screw is clear. Generally, poor screw workmanship and materials are poor, and the threads are messy.
4. Is the longer the screw easier to use? This is wrong. As long as the length of the screw is suitable, for example, the adjustment screw, even if you use 15 cm long, it is impossible for you to use it in practice, because if you adjust too much, there must be seams, which will affect the considerable furniture and kitchen cabinets. Sex, quality, this is not desirable.
5. When the user uses too much force, it will also damage the hinge screw and cause slippage. You should master the strength and speed of the wind cloak and the damage caused by the screw.
There are also customers whose hinge screws have slipped teeth. How to solve this situation? In this regard, the editor has also collected some ideas from netizens from the Internet. You may wish to try:
1. Get some white latex and a few toothpicks. The method is to apply white latex to the toothpicks and put them in the screw holes. Generally, three toothpicks are inserted into one screw hole, and then the screws are installed to ensure that it is strong and durable.
2. You can change the hinge position as a whole, point it down or point up. The bad remedy of PVC material.