Installation and use steps of aluminum alloy shutter windows


Aluminum alloy roller shutters are one of the types of […]

Aluminum alloy roller shutters are one of the types of roller shutter doors and windows. Compared with traditional fabric curtains that can be opened and closed, the whole curtain is moved up and down by the roller tube. It is widely used in offices, office buildings, banks, and schools. Formal occasions.
Aluminum alloy rolling shutters are sun-shading devices that use a rolling method to make the soft material curtain extend and retract at an angle greater than 75 degrees from the horizontal plane. The more common is the pull-bead type roller shutter doors and windows, which are connected by PVC inserts between the fabric and the coil.
No need to sew, easy to assemble, and can be modified on site. The brake spring is used to prevent the fabric from sliding freely during the operation. The tail plug shaft adopts a copper shaft to increase the service life. The operation pull bead uses a tight pull bead to make the pull bead and the bead. The stress points between the wheels are increased, thereby increasing the smoothness of the operation. The lower rail is composed of a sprayed bottom rail.
For aluminum alloy roller shutters, it must be installed in place before correct use. First, put the right end of the upper rail into the head with pull beads, and then the left end of the upper rail into the head without pull beads. Fasten the opened rotatable module and confirm that the roller blind will not fall or move easily, then the installation is complete.
Pull down the bead curtain on the front side gently, and the roller blind will automatically rise; pull down the bead curtain on the back side to control the descending of the roller blind. Aluminum alloy roller shutters have the characteristics of being resistant to aging, shading and mobility, and the current roller shutter curtains are very delicate and have many styles, so many consumers like to install roller curtains at home.