Slider specification classification


Roller Such slide appears a long time ago, for the firs […]

Such slide appears a long time ago, for the first generation of silent drawer slide, since 2005, in a new generation of furniture has been gradually replaced by ball bearing slide. Roller skid structure is relatively simple, composed of a pulley, two tracks, able to cope with the daily push and pull needs, but the load-bearing capacity is poor, do not have the buffering and bounce function, commonly used and computer keyboard drawer, light drawer.
Steel ball slide is basically two, three metal rails, the more common is installed in the drawer side of the structure, the installation is relatively simple and saves space. Good quality ball bearing slide to ensure smooth sliding, heavy load, such slide can have a buffer close or press the bounce function. In modern furniture, steel ball slide is gradually replacing the roller-type slide, become the main force of the modern furniture slide.
Gear type
Such slide rails are hidden slide rails, riding slide rails and other slide types, belonging to the high-grade slide, the use of gear so that the slide is very smooth and synchronized, such slide also has a buffer close or press the rebound Open the function, and more for high-end furniture, because the price is more expensive, modern furniture is also relatively rare, so less than the popularity of steel ball slide, this slide is the future trend.
Damping rails
This kind of slideway is different from the above three kinds of slideway, it is to use the liquid cushioning performance to achieve an ideal muffler effect, which slows down the drawer closing speed, especially to the last distance to slow down the speed and reduce the impact Force, so the closure of the drawer will be more gentle, reducing the wear of furniture wood, to achieve the best noise reduction effect, the principle is mainly driven by moving rod piston moves through the hole from one side of the flow to the other side, so as to achieve damping, Muffler, cushioning effect. And the production process is very good slide, so the quality is very high, in addition, the effectiveness of damping pulleys to ensure long-term use without maintenance, by a lot of preference.

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