The depth of the curtain embedded in the guide rail should meet the following requirements:


The guide rail with smoke prevention performance must h […]

The guide rail with smoke prevention performance must have smoke prevention device. The material used should be non-combustible material. The smoke insulation device and the roller blind table should be evenly and closely attached, and the bonding surface should not be less than 80%. 2.2 The top of the guide rail shall be rounded and its length shall be at least 75 mm beyond the opening.

The slideway of the guide rail should be smooth and straight. The straightness should not exceed 1.5mm per meter, and the straightness of the full length should not exceed 0.12%. Distortions, bumps and burrs are not allowed.

The on-site installation of the guide rails should be firm. The verticality after installation should not exceed 5mm per meter, and the full-length verticality should not exceed 20mm.

The roller blind should run smoothly and smoothly in the guide rail, and no collision or impact is allowed.