The difference between the roll gates and the traditional gates


   1: generally is the thickness of 0.476-0.526mm galva […]

   1: generally is the thickness of 0.476-0.526mm galvanized color plate pressed into each piece of 75 cm concave and convex pieces, and then according to the required height through the edge of the mechanical connection that is the whole volume of the gate is the whole Door plate. Even if the long run, the door will not be stuck due to string. This is the biggest difference with the traditional roll gate (wear type).
   2: roll gate door at both ends into the guide groove at the wear-resistant muffler belt, to avoid the sound generated when the door running the traditional volume gate no muffler, so when running the door and guide groove friction when the sound is relatively large.
   3: roll gate manual and electric can be free to change through the clutch device The traditional volume gate generally only through the electric control door opening and closing if the power to open the door, only through the motor next to the iron chain slowly pull.
   4: roll gate guide groove is generally made of aluminum alloy, the traditional roll gate is generally used galvanized iron material.
   5: the traditional roll gate in the decline must go to its original set of the limit will stop, even if the middle of the obstacles encountered motor running as the middle gate if the obstacles encountered, that is, immediately return, high safety performance.