The role of rolling door accessories


We now know that there are many accessories for rolling […]

We now know that there are many accessories for rolling doors, and they are very important to rolling doors. Whether it is a manual rolling door or an electric rolling door, without these key accessories, they cannot operate normally. The most important parts are the reel and the motor. Roller-roller is a mechanical device installed above the door leaf to drive the door curtain to rotate. It can shrink or extend the door curtain, which means that the opening and closing of the rolling door cannot be separated from it. Both manual rolling door and automatic rolling door must be equipped with a reel. Although the operation method is different, its importance is beyond doubt. The reel is not an accessory, but a complete system. Motor-Manual rolling door does not need a motor, but for electric rolling door, the motor is very useful. Without it, the electric rolling door cannot be moved. The motor is also the most expensive of all the accessories of the electric rolling door. The price of a high-power, high-quality motor is more than 2000 yuan, and its price can even be higher than the cost of buying a door curtain. But expensive products have better performance and a long service life.