What to pay attention to when choosing hinges


Hinges and concealed hinges are the key to each furnitu […]

Hinges and concealed hinges are the key to each furniture. Because hinges are switched on and off more than 10 times a day on average in everyone's life, the quality of a hinge depends on the performance of your furniture. You also need to pay great attention to the choice of hinge hardware in your own home. Basically, the quality of the hinge can be distinguished from the following aspects.
1. Look at the hinge screw
Generally, hinges come with two screws, which are adjustment screws, up and down adjustment screws, front and rear adjustment screws. Some new hinges also have left and right adjustment screws, which are now the so-called three-dimensional adjustment hinges. Generally, two adjustment stations are sufficient. . Tips, use a screwdriver to adjust the upper and lower adjustment screws three to four times, and then remove the screws to see if they are damaged, because the hinge arm is formed of iron material, and it is not as hard as the screw, and it is easy to wear. If the accuracy is not enough, it is easy to slip or cannot be screwed. The front and rear adjustment screws are also tested in the same way.
2. Look at the performance of the hinge switch
Everyone knows that the hinge is important as a switch, so this is very important. It is taken from the outer spring and inner spring of the hinge, as well as the rivet assembly. The outer spring is a spring leaf, and the inner spring is a spring strip, which must be subjected to certain heat treatment. Too hard and easy to break, too soft to close the door without strength. Some JS purchases low-priced spring accessories, which causes the door to be closed well, or the spring breaks and the door falls off. . Tips: When buying hinges (except hydraulic hinges), close the hinges manually and listen to the sound of the hinges. Is it crisp? Well, if it is a dull closing sound, it proves that the spring strength is not enough and the material thickness is problematic. Is there any looseness? If there is looseness, it proves that the rivet is not tightly riveted, and it is easy to fall off. Close and close several times to see the indentation in the cup is not obvious. If it is obvious, it proves that there is a problem with the thickness of the cup material and it is easy to "burst the cup".
3. Look at the surface of the hinge
Check whether the surface material of the product is flat. If you see scratches and deformation, it is produced from scrap (leftover material). This kind of hinge has an ugly appearance and makes your furniture without quality. Surface treatment: Most of the hinges are nickel-plated, but now due to the JS low cost, there is only a thin nickel layer. The real hinge should be nickel-plated with a layer of acid copper, which can prevent rust well. Tips : Teach you a way to distinguish whether there is copper plating: If JS does not object to it, you can use art to draw a knife to see if you can see the yellow copper layer. There is a more intuitive way to look at it, generally it is The recessed place is also the most difficult place to electroplate. If the cup shows black or iron color, it proves that the electroplating layer is very thin and there is no copper plating. If the color and brightness in the cup are close to other parts, the electroplating is passed. . Is it very simple?