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Rolling shutter installation


Installation steps 1. Draw the line first in the frame […]

Installation steps
1. Draw the line first in the frame of the door frame to be installed. Show the size, and then find the staff to design a suitable electric shutter doors, it is noteworthy that the height of the box is a little higher than the height of the door.
2. First electric shutter door frame fixed here to remove the lower frame fixed plate. (Note: the groove on both sides of the hole to be reserved for the ground, after passing the calibration, the fixed wedge, frame iron feet and embedded iron plate welded firmly with cement mortar or concrete strength of not less than 10MPa strong embedded in concrete Yes.)
3. Install the electric shutter door fan door. Be sure to ensure that the electric shutter door and the wall into a whole, closed to do a good job, then painted hole and wall. Painting is completed, the door should be uniform formation, open the electric shutter should be free light, not too tight, too loose and rebound phenomenon.