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Slide use


  Drawer slides Drawer slide rail is a very common home […]

  Drawer slides

Drawer slide rail is a very common home decoration is a commonly used building materials for a variety of cabinets such as wardrobe, TV cabinet, nightstands, wine cabinets, cabinets, etc., for home life has brought convenience.

Curtain rails

The curtain rail is composed of a slide rail and a fixed end, and is characterized in that the cross section of the slide rail is in the shape of a concave-convex, the fixed end is a concave groove and is fixedly connected with the slide rail, and the lower end of the fixed end is fixedly provided with a hanging ring. Slide rail is a way to install the curtain, the other way is the Rome rod.
Door slides

Door rails include many types, such as hanging door rails, sliding door rails, TV cabinet door rails, etc., the rails are mostly alloyed and some are made of copper. Slides of alloy texture are divided into ordinary type and thick type, which is based on the applicable door texture.