Automatic door repair method


   First, the safety part of the revolving door repair […]

   First, the safety part of the revolving door repair
   1. Check the inside and outside emergency stop button
   2. Inside and outside the slow button check
   3. Horizontal anti-clip sensor check, adjust
   4. Infrared sensor inspection, adjustment
   5. Check the door anti-folder sensor, adjust
   6. Check and adjust the anti-clip sensor of the wall
   7. Check and adjust the sensor
   Second, the functional part of the revolving door repair
   1. The normal running speed of the revolving door is checked and adjusted
   2. Rotary door slow function check, adjust
   3. When the revolving door is in the state, the function is checked and adjusted
(1) slow wait function check, adjustment
(2) check and adjust the function of parking position in summer
(3) winter stop position check function, adjust
   4. Push and pull the automatic door status, the function of the inspection, adjustment
(1) Normally open function revolving door repair inspection
(2) automatic function check
   5. Lock the door when the door check, adjust
   6. Electromagnetic lock cleaning, inspection, adjustment
   Third, the option part of the maintenance
   1.UPS power supply inspection
   2. Inspection of fire function