Sliding door pulley how to change: demolition door


   Now home decoration a lot of wardrobe, shower room i […]

   Now home decoration a lot of wardrobe, shower room is used sliding doors, whether it is wooden, glass or other materials, sliding door structure of the basic changes will not be too much. A lot of decoration used sliding doors pulley is not resistant to moisture, and some quality, but off, after a period of time, not the spring corrosion is not flexible, the door down the scraper is the wheel bearing rust can not turn. Need to change, how to change it, this will tell how to replace the sliding door how to remove the sliding door.
   Method / step
1. First, one hand vertical lift the door of the door, one hand swept the lower part of the sliding door, hold the pulley.
2. Pull out the door from the track and put it down.
3. Similarly, the other end of the sliding door also pull up, out of the track.
4. put down the door.
5. Then hold your hands at both ends of the door and lift it up.
6. The bottom of the move, so that the door on the door into the slot less and less.
7. Precautions
   • Be careful not to hurt your hands when you lift it.
   • Do not pull the door against the wall when you pull the door.