What are the precautions for installing the hinge door?


   1, pay attention to the time of the link to check th […]

   1, pay attention to the time of the link to check the hinge and the connection of the screws, fasteners are not supporting, not a kind of West, each hinge available to large size, is based on different types of conveyor to choose hinge of. In the installation of the hinge, it should be to ensure that the hinge in the fixed object on the same vertical line, so as to avoid the fixed instability, resulting in mechanical objects dislocation or cause damage to the conveyor.
   2, pay attention to the width of the door, the height of the door and the door material quality is the number of hinges required for each door. In the actual operation, the various factors that appear due to different circumstances. When the situation is unknown, it is recommended to do a test. For stability reasons, the distance between the hinges should be as large as possible.
   3, note that in the case of two sheets of hinge asymmetry, it should be identified which page should be connected with the fan, which page should be connected with the door and window frames, and the three sides of the shaft should be connected with the box Fixed, and the shaft connected to the two sides should be fixed with the box. General online purchase of furniture will be installed drawings, must first distinguish the type of hinge, and then adjust.