Careful selection and correct use of roller shutter accessories


Electric roller shutters are being favored and liked by […]

Electric roller shutters are being favored and liked by people because of their convenience and quick start and closing. The sound insulation effect is different due to different materials. In modern times, most of the electric roller shutters and roller shutter accessories are installed on the road. The nearby shops, mainly those close to the street or the highway, are always disturbed by noise. Therefore, there are also very high standards for the effect of sound insulation. Electric roller shutter accessories need to cooperate well with the motor and mechanism, and require high precision. Therefore, you need to choose good quality accessories when choosing. The wire reel of the electric roller shutter chooses the rib reel, and the rolling is flat, and there will be no situation of high left and low right or high right and low left. The sealing strip of roller shutter window fittings plays a very important role. The coated sealing strip has achieved results that surpass all traditional products in the tests of aging resistance, fatigue resistance, compression deformation test, compression force test, thermal conductivity K value test, water penetration, and other tests. When in use, control the power switch by hand, set up, stop, and down three buttons. According to the opening or closing requirements of the sunshade shutter system, press the corresponding control key to realize the retracting and unwinding of the sunshade shutter. When the up or down button of the control switch is pressed to start the transmission system, the operator can leave the electric control switch, the roller blind reaches the set stroke position, after the motor stops rotating, the operation is completed, and the external sunshade roller shutter window Please do not arbitrarily adjust the travel switch if it is normal to prevent damage to the entire system. During the upward and downward strokes of the roller shutter window, observe the movement of the entire shade roller blind. If you find that the shade roller blind reaches the high setting position and continue to move, press the stop button to readjust the position of the travel switch; When the set position is reached and the movement is stopped, it is necessary to check whether the motor stops rotating. If the motor stops rotating, then the stroke of the travel switch needs to be adjusted.