Structural characteristics of aluminum alloy shutter windows


The profile section of aluminum alloy roller shutter is […]

The profile section of aluminum alloy roller shutter is small, because it adopts double-layer sealing device, its air permeability, rainwater leakage performance and sound insulation performance are better than other window types. The production range is 550-2650mm in height and 550-4150mm in width.
The process and fan of aluminum alloy rolling shutters are made of thermally broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles manufactured by the injection method, and inlaid with hollow glass, which greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of the tube and reaches the high technical level of similar products . The physical properties of this product are excellent, especially the heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation properties, which are unmatched by other window cracks.
Aluminum alloy rolling shutters can maintain a clear vision without hanging boxes and fences in the severe winter of minus 40t. Regardless of severe winter or hot summer, the window's heat preservation and heat insulation functions can make the air-conditioning heating effect significant, which is an ideal energy-saving simplified type. But because it is a high-performance window, its cost is expensive.
The structure of the flat-open aluminum alloy roller shutter improves the position of the glass, and the fixed uranium structure is simpler, and can bear the weight of a larger window sash. The production height is 850-17S0rnrn and the width is 8S0-14S0mm.