Variety of color choices and styles of outer sunshade roller shutters


At present, most of the roller shutter products in the […]

At present, most of the roller shutter products in the external sunshade window market are white, and many manufacturers are unwilling to use other colors for their customers because it takes more time to customize and requires professional spraying equipment to spray paint.
However, this kind of demand is increasing, especially when villa owners want to personalize their homes when they are decorating. In view of this need, the company has increased the research and development efforts in this area, so that every exterior and exterior shade roller shutter window Very distinctive.
There are different forms of external sun-shading roller shutters. With the development of science and technology and the enhancement of awareness of ecological and environmental protection, the building skin is no longer a simple division of internal and external spaces, and its functions have become increasingly complex, such as shading, lighting, and ventilation. , Moisturizing and other functions. Building doors and windows are opening larger and larger or forming a large-area glass curtain wall. The glass building integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing people to fully experience the natural landscape.
The heat of the product produced by the external shading solar radiation on the shading layer stays outside the building, which has good heat dissipation. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to protect and maintain. The surface of the current building shading design has a great influence on the building shape. External shading can effectively reduce building heat gain, but the effect is closely related to the shading structure, material, color, etc., and there are also certain defects. Because it is directly exposed to the outdoors, not only is it easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean during use, but also to consider the corrosive effects of wind and rain.
In the inner sunshade products, there are many desirable styles, and the effect is not as good as the outer sunshade. The internal shading decoration reflects part of the sunlight, absorbs part of the sunlight, and transmits part of the sunlight. Only the part of the outer sunshade that passes through the sun will directly reach the outer surface of the window glass, and some may form a cooling load. Although the inner sunshade can also reflect part of the sun, the absorbed and transmitted parts become the indoor cooling load. , Only delay and attenuate the peak of heat gain.