Basic technical requirements and installation methods of roller shutter accessories


Roller blinds are mainly composed of roller blinds, sha […]

Roller blinds are mainly composed of roller blinds, shafts, guide rails and other roller blinds, and there are some basic technical requirements for each component. Because the outer sunshade roller shutters are exposed for a long time, the materials of each part have certain anti-corrosion and weathering functions.
In the structural design, it is necessary to ensure that the roller shutter window accessory blades are formed, and the profiles cannot be moved in series to ensure the normal function of the roller shutter device. When the shutter window is completely closed, each leaf must be well sealed without light leakage; when it is not completely closed, the small holes between the leaves must be exposed to allow good light transmission.
When using the pull-belt drive, ensure that the pull-out direction of the roller shutter accessory pull-out reel and the pull-out tape are in the same plane. No sharp corners are allowed in the pull-tape guide device. The pull-tape must be a flat woven fabric with a reinforced edge and no bandwidth. too small. When using a manual drive device without a crank device, the pulling force on the strap cannot exceed a certain limit,
All the roller shutter accessories including the joints must be strong and durable, and can withstand a certain twist under certain wind or other external forces. When installing the roller shutter accessories, first determine the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the pull bead. The left and right sides of the head are interchangeable.
There are two installation schemes for conventional heads. One is exterior installation. The finished product is compared with the window first. After the position is determined, the position of the head screws is marked, and then the left and right heads are screwed to the window frame or wall with screws, and Open the rotatable module on the head without pull bead.
The other is internal installation. Place the finished roller shutter in the window frame. After finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screws on the top of the window frame. Use the screws to lock the left and right heads on the top of the window frame. The rotatable module on the beadless head is opened.