The key points and technical design of electric external sun-shading window


Some people have always mistakenly believed that electr […]

Some people have always mistakenly believed that electric outer sunshade roller shutters and electric curtains are the same product and can replace each other, but electric outer sunshade roller shutters and electric curtains have different focuses to a certain extent. The effect of electric external sunshade roller shutter is mainly on shading, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. Electric curtains put more emphasis on indoor window decorations. The more important functions of electric curtains are to protect privacy, adjust light and decorate the interior.
The extensive use of sunshade in real life, in addition to the energy-saving effect of blocking the flow of outdoor heat into the room, and the ability to reflect strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffuse light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling. It also extends people's living space from indoor to outdoor, conveying a kind of leisure concept of courtyard life while creating a new living space.
Shading not only enables people to enjoy the sun without being affected by ultraviolet rays, but also prevents excessive sunlight from being an important method to protect the expensive decoration and furniture in the villa. The new type of outer sunshade roller shutter is arranged on both sides of the bottom plate to store the sunshade body. By setting a transmission box above the storage cylinder, a set of electric push rods are installed inside the transmission box. Connected with the electric push rod, when the electric push rod is connected to each other, it can drive the sunshade to close tightly.
By setting the connecting rod on one side of the sunshade, the bottom of the connecting rod is set in the limit chute inside the bottom plate. When the sunshade is opened and closed, the bottom of the connecting rod can move inside the limit chute, which can effectively prevent the sunshade surface The front and back offset when facing the wind.
In order to adjust the contradiction between the different requirements of solar radiation in summer and winter, and to meet the illuminance requirements of the building as much as possible, a more effective method is to use adjustable external sun-shading roller shutters. It belongs to a building energy-saving technology with broad application prospects, and aims to provide more suitable shading effects for buildings in different regions and time periods.