Introduction of all aspects of aluminum alloy shutter windows


In principle, the ventilated curtain wall adopts the pr […]

In principle, the ventilated curtain wall adopts the principles of "chimney effect" and "greenhouse effect" to deal with energy-saving questions from the function of the curtain wall; while the single-layer curtain wall only selects the material from the material itself. Features to achieve a certain energy saving effect.
In terms of environmental protection, the ventilated curtain wall is energy-saving due to its functional treatment, and the outer glass is made of colorless transparent glass or low-reflective glass to minimize the adverse effects of glass reflection; the single-layer glass curtain wall guarantees the effect of the room and energy saving In consideration of this, the glass generally chooses coated glass with certain reflection function.
In terms of energy saving, aluminum alloy roller shutters are about 50% more energy-efficient than single-layer curtain walls due to the effect of the ventilation layer, which is a new direction to deal with building energy saving. From the point of use, the appearance of the ventilating layer enables aluminum alloy rolling shutters to save cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. The sunshade louvers are placed on the ventilation layer, which can effectively avoid the sun without affecting the facade effect.
In terms of comfort, the sound insulation function of aluminum alloy roller shutters can reach 55dB, which allows us to have a noisy environment for indoor days and work; on the other hand, no matter the weather is good or bad, the ventilation layer can be directly connected to Natural air is transmitted indoors to supply fresh air indoors, and then travel indoors comfortably. Aluminum alloy roller shutters effectively reduce the disadvantages of high-rise buildings relying solely on mechanical ventilation of HVAC equipment.