Selection points of curtains for roller blinds accessories


Curtains are also one of the roller shutter window acce […]

Curtains are also one of the roller shutter window accessories. Different window types must be matched according to different spaces, fabrics and patterns. Therefore, it is not easy to make an appropriate choice between curtains. In fact, the style, suspension, color and popular accessories of curtains will change different decorative effects.
According to the functions of the accessories, the roller shutter accessory rails can be divided into art rails, noise rails and other types. The other is curtain art, like art, there are different accessories on various curtains or curtain rails. Curtain is one of the indispensable accessories for roller shutters. Now, complex and complicated curtains are gradually fading out on the popular stage.
In addition, there are iron heads, fixed hooks, loops (or hooks), pliers, pull loops and other basic parts and lace curtains, revolving belts, decorative curtains, pendants, ornaments and other peripheral or tassel trim. Window-curtain-shaped windows have complex structures. It is necessary to customize them with "windows" and learn from each other. In terms of curtain design styles, unique decorative designs have unique charm.
The floating folds use the vertical lines of the curtain itself to form a natural flower-like fold effect, highlighting the shape of the curved window itself. The vertical hand-folding design can also be used to hide the arc shape of the window. Using unified multi-angle windows, independent windows, unified curtain and curtain head design can be used to form a unified curtain shape, uniform people in the visual effect.
The independent multi-angle design of the inner and outer windows can also be used to separate the outer window and the curtain. In a unified form and track, the curtain is made into a whole building outside the curtain, according to the outline of the independent suspension. The Roman form of the pull curtains on both sides will be further perfected. Pull the rope curtains open, open the perforations and fix them, making them a part of the curtain decoration, which also has practical functions.