Safety Design of Outer Sunshade Roller Window


The outer sunshade roller shutters are operated by radi […]

The outer sunshade roller shutters are operated by radio remote control, which can be controlled at an interval of 30 meters, which is simple and no noise; the roller shutters are made of aluminum alloy and steel plate to make double arcs, which are flexible and do not warp; the central open space is filled with high Density foam polyurethane sound insulation materials can avoid sunlight, and have the functions of high efficiency heat insulation, heat storage, energy saving, sun protection, sound insulation, cold resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance.
In addition, the outer sunshade roller shutter has two functions. Each curtain has a ventilation hole. When the roller shutter window is closed at the bottom, it is not necessary to open the window cloth when ventilation is required. You only need to raise the roller shutter by a few centimeters. , Can blow in gusts of cold wind. When a stranger comes knocking on the window, he does not need to open the outer sunshade window, but he can see the other person's face and talk through the vent.
Secondly, the hardware products used in the outer sunshade roller shutters are all made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. The shaft is equipped with anti-retreat and self-locking control equipment, which effectively prevents prying, so that the thief cannot pry it open. It is no longer necessary to install additional gates for safety precautions and maintenance.
With the development of construction technology and the improvement of human living standards, the structure of windows has also evolved from conventional flat windows to current curved windows. Because curved windows have a large light intake rate, they play a role in extending space and are also beautiful. good looking. The arc-shaped outer sun-shading roller shutter window is composed of multiple arc-shaped roller shutter windows with sufficient light, which makes the space more transparent and has a sense of visual extension.