How to install aluminum alloy shutter windows correctly


Nowadays, people have a lot of applications for roller […]

Nowadays, people have a lot of applications for roller shutter windows, and their use requirements are also different, so the types of roller shutter windows are increasing. Different roller shutter windows have different appearance, function and material. Many types of roller shutter windows can also be selected by customers at will, so that customers can purchase suitable products and improve customer satisfaction.
Nowadays, aluminum alloy shutter windows are very popular in the market, and they also have advantages in use. Before buying aluminum alloy rolling shutters, you need to make some preparations and know the correct installation method. You need to measure the size first, and then place an order after determining the size to ensure that the product meets the requirements.
When installing, first assemble the aluminum alloy shutter window, and then put it to the installation position for correction, and mark the corresponding position; reserve the position of the power cord hole, then mark, and then use the electric drill to punch out at the marked position Holes: Make holes on the guide rail, and choose different screws for fixing according to different materials, including expansion screws and stainless steel self-tapping screws. To ensure that the product fits the mounting surface, you need to use screws to fix the end seat and the cover. To avoid light leakage, seal glue on both sides of the guide rail, and cover the holes on the guide rail with rubber plugs.
Different aluminum alloy roller shutters have different driving methods and different installation methods. For example, for electric roller shutters, the motor is not set with accurate limits when it leaves the factory. You can debug it by yourself. When debugging, you need to power on first, so that the motor can rotate. One-step debugging, the motor wire passes through the hole reserved on the wall, and is connected to the indoor power supply and controller to ensure that the motor can be controlled to rotate forward and backward, and there is no problem with the control circuit.
The installation of aluminum alloy roller shutters is relatively simple, but the corresponding steps should be followed during the installation process, and some details should be paid attention to. You must determine the size before buying, and you can also ask the relevant staff to install it during installation.