The role and installation method of roller shutter accessories


Roller shutter windows are curtains that are rolled up […]

Roller shutter windows are curtains that are rolled up and down to achieve the purpose of opening and closing under the cooperation of the roller shutter window accessories. It is mainly driven by the rolling tube to complete the rolling. It is more common in some office buildings, schools, banks and other places. Office curtains also have different classifications. According to the operation mode, they are divided into bead curtains, spring curtains, and electric curtains. To
High-quality roller shutters have multiple functions, such as blocking sunlight, isolating noise, convenience, and safety. Roller curtains can be divided into manual and automatic. They can even be used in conjunction with manual locks. They are locked inside and locked outside. Can not be opened, if the size of the roller shutter can be connected to the window well, it can play a sound insulation effect.
The effect of roller blinds may not be as good as heavy curtains, but if special materials are used, they can also prevent ultraviolet rays. For example, PVC materials. Now there are also roller blinds in home decoration, usually in bedrooms, especially with children. In the family, it is very convenient to use sun-shading curtains, and the shutter patterns are also very diverse, which meet the individual needs of children and are not easy to be damaged.
The roller shutter window accessories include the upper roller tube, the whole curtain and the bead chain. When installing, you must first install the accessories, determine the direction of the head and pull the beads, and pay attention to keeping the two directions the same. The two ends are interchangeable, and the special pull bead head can rotate.
There are two ways to install the roller shutter window head of the roller shutter window accessories. First, you can compare it with the window to find a suitable installation position and use screws for positioning; the other is to find a suitable position for installation, and use screws to install The two ends are locked separately.